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Fame step by step – Yes! a mention in Ars Technica

Previously I talked about people and fame. According to some, everybody gets their fifteen minutes of fame. My husband’s kickstarter proposal LIB-RAY got a mention in the magazine Ars Technica. We hope that this means we will get our project funded. Getting our project funded means we eat to the end of the year. That makes me really hopeful that it succeeds.

I’ve been looking through old journals. I found one from ten years ago where I felt that my life was so pointless. I spent time watching anime and taking care of my young children. Now they are all school age and I am thrust out into the world. Things are changing and it is time for me to change too.

It’s a hard transition to do. In his book Character and Viewpoint, Orson Scott Card mentioned that people will do almost anything to keep from having to change their view of themselves. Change requires courage. I’m not sure that I have it.

When in doubt, write a poem.

Sun on horizon.

Is it rising or setting?

I walk toward it.

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2 thoughts on “Fame step by step – Yes! a mention in Ars Technica

  1. Yes Rich, kickstarter is the future.
    For a long, long time many projects were stuck in the water for a simple reason. There is someone in Authority who had to approve a project before it could be funded. But Kickstarter has a different premise. Get the people who want to read, watch, or witness an artwork or other project to pre-pay for a copy before it is made. Then if enough people agree, they get what they want. They use an all or nothing gambling style format that makes people pitch in at the last minute. It works or it doesn’t. There is no half-way. See the page.


    Posted by rozzychan | May 14, 2012, 4:40 am
  2. i need to learn about this kickstart thing.

    Posted by rich | May 14, 2012, 3:50 am

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