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No Children in Space (The story)

No Children in Space (The story). I’m starting my novelization of the screenplay, “No children in space.” Please give it a read. I enjoy comments. You can put them here. Criticism is also appreciated. Rosalyn Hunter   😀 I’m writing. Yeah!


The list stretches on “You will be expected to…” I breathe, then exhale.

Lunatics scripts reviewed on Linux Pro magazine

Lunatics scripts reviewed on Linux Pro magazine. This is a momentous week for me. After deciding to give up on my doubts about being a writer and just write, I have spent a summer doing just that. I went to a writer’s conference and a haiku society meeting.  I started publishing scripts and writing fan … Continue reading

Fan Fiction

Stories are removed Susurrations spread across a forest of fans.

Did you register?

Signing lots of forms. I’m fatigued before I start! A school year begins.

Kickstarter Fundraising Strategy Revised

Kickstarter Fundraising Strategy Revised. Hi all! You’ve heard me talk about our Lunatics project. Well the Hail Mary pass did not work. We didn’t get enough people willing to pay for the whole thing up front, so we are paying in pieces. Support this, and this Christmas (or thereabouts) enjoy a beautifully 2D animated cute … Continue reading

I was quoted in Linux Pro Magazine

Our Lunatics Project was mentioned in Linux Pro magazine, and I was quoted several times. Free Culture Pioneering: Lunatics SO Cool! Haiku of excitement: Finding I’m in print Makes me so excited but I need more money    

Hot Summer

One hundred degrees radiation burns my face warming me to bone.

Blocking Animatic of Trailer

Blocking Animatic of Trailer. Members of our voice cast contributed voices for this trailer that we are producing. The animation crew made the set and this is the camera blocking rough. Please take a look and share it.   For me.   Rozzychan

Break out of the bubble

Once upon a time the internet was open. It was a series of wires that connected each person to each other person. Now it wasn’t completely open, because you needed a specialized machine to access it, and the only people who had such access were military or university professors and students and some corporate entities. … Continue reading