Harry Potter

It’s easy to claim to have predicted the plot of the books now that all the books are out, but I had suspected that Severus Snape liked Lily Evans long before the last book. I was sure of it by the end of reading book five. So when all was finally revealed in book seven, I was inspired to write young Snape/ Lily fiction.

Don’t be afraid. They are all rated G. It gave me joy to write them, and I enjoy them still. Please tell me what you think.

Secret Diary

This is a story about a few days in the life of a thirteen year old Lily Potter that she has written in a secret diary.

The Potion

This heart-breaker of a story is about the last conversation between Snape and Lily Evans when he learns that she is about to marry James Potter.

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2 thoughts on “Harry Potter

  1. Thank you for your kind comments.
    I think that these are the only two stories that have written about this pairing.
    I had originally planned to write more in Lily’s diary, but it ended on a good note, so I stopped.

    It might be a good time to think up a holiday story for the two. What do you think? Do you think that New Years would be a big holiday for the Evans?

    Posted by rozzychan | December 25, 2014, 4:14 am
  2. These stories are AMAZING!!! I loved the storylines, and you illustrated the characters perfectly. Please write more short stories with Severus and Lilly, you seem to pull out their young, sweet relationship so well. Keep on doing an amazing job!!!!

    Posted by Sarah | December 20, 2014, 3:44 pm

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