Reading script – Josh and Tim

Tim: Hey dad.

Josh: Hey Tim, what do you need?

Tim: I just wanted to know if you could use any help.

Josh: Yes. Pick up those buckets will you.

(picks up the buckets)

Tim: Well this isn’t really what I meant. I know that you’ll be taking the vegetables in tomorrow.

Josh: Yes

Tim: And I was wondering …

Josh: Put these bags on the cart.

Tim: Ok..uhm…but what I was wondering.

Josh: Not that way, push them all the way on or they’ll fall off.

Tim: Yeah Dad. But what I was wondering was.

Josh: Yes?

Tim: If you’d need any help taking in the vegetable shipment.

Josh: Well, you can help me load the truck.

Tim: But I was wondering if you needed help unloading once you get there.

Josh: Not really, they have people who unload the truck for me. It’s not a problem once I get there.

Tim: But maybe you need someone to direct. To see that they don’t take anything that they shouldn’t, maybe.

Josh: Tim. Just what is it you want?

Tim: I want to go to the base.

Josh: No.

Tim: No?

Josh: I don’t need you, and you have your chores here.

Tim: But Dad. What if Mom needed me to deliver something.

Josh: Does she?

Tim: No, but…

Josh: Well then.

Tim: I guess I’ll ask Mom if she needs to deliver anything. Bye dad ( runs off) .

Josh: I thought you going to help me with this load? (sighs) Kids!

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