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Scene 12
Martha Jones enters the facility frowning. She puts on
a smile before entering the room.

Good news Lucy. The Doctor has a new treatment that
may help you with that drumming sound in your ears.
We’ll be going to meet him soon. That’s good news
isn’t it?

Hello Martha Jones, and how is your charming mother
doing today?

(glances at the camera on the wall.)

I guess I shouldn’t blame you for following at his
heels like a dog, your life is boring enough. Just
tell me, are you going to let him ruin your life?

I mean, how many opportunities have slipped through
your fingers while you’ve been waiting around for him
to come back to you? Let me tell you the truth. He
won’t ever come back for you.
If you do see him again, it’s because he needs you for
something, and he’ll use you and dump you like he does
all his companions in the end.

How does it feel, Martha, to be not quite good
enough? You’re like a pair of old work boots that are
used to muck around in the mud and then thrown into
the shed to waste away in the dark until the next
rainy day.

Aren’t you the great Martha Jones? The one who
defeated me when I was the all powerful ruler of the
Earth? Didn’t you walk for a year in the cold, hunted
and alone? It was your victory. Shouldn’t that make
you special? You saved his life. Shouldn’t that make
him love you?

But he won’t love you Martha. Not ever.

It’s time. Here are your clothes. Put these on in the
bathroom, and we can go to see the Doctor.

The Master goes into the bathroom with her clothes.
Martha steps out of the room and calls for an intern
to escort them. She asks him to wait outside the door.
He hands her a medical bag.

Lucy, still in the bathroom, calls out.

Martha, can you help me with this clasp.

What do you need?
(Martha enters the bathroom. She is carrying the
medical bag.)

It’s this watch. I can never fasten it. See?
(Martha stares at the watch which the Master shines in
her direction. Her face glazes over. The Master is
hypnotizing her.)

Martha, you will do exactly what I say. Won’t you?

Yes Master.

Open the bag. Yes. You see that medicine, that one
there. 10ccs of that can cause a Time Lord’s cells to
slow preventing regeneration. Then 3 ccs of that would
kill him so that he dies and stays dead.

You will take me to the doctor, and when I tell you
to, you will inject him with that poison and kill him,
do you understand?

Yes master.

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