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When half asleep I saw…

Cloud in the night sky. The Chinese character [shēn] written as in smoke.


Piercing white the moon Surrounded by sparse diamonds dominates the sky

Goodbye satyr’s moon

Yellow moonlight calls but the satyr’s dancing stops when the dawn light shines.

Melancholy Moon

Melancholy moon The wind blows clouds across you Hiding your beauty.

Too late

Blue-rimmed horizon Scattering of moon-touched stars too late for the sun.

What I saw when I peeked out of the door

Red rimmed rainbow edges the sky still black with stars.   (Happy Valentine’s Day!)

egg yellow

Crisp, the morning light egg yellow in a blue sky My breath forms the steam.

Go to sleep already!

Slouching in my chair, muscles heavy with fatigue, my eyes flutter closed.

Morning mist

A misty morning, Cool droplets caress my skin like a mother’s touch.


Looking at the screen, reflections of flying birds, draw my eyes upwards.