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Slept in my clothes last night

sand falls from my eyes dried saliva on my cheek morning skin tingles  


Like an E.K.G. Lightning flashes through the cloud Heartbeat of the storm.

Camp Nanowrimo and me

I just recently found out about Camp Nanowrimo. This is a project sponsored by the same people who sponsor the National Novel Writing Month. In this internet based camp, you sign up and resolve to write a novel in a month. The next sprint starts on April 1 and I will be in it. Who’s … Continue reading

Your Future starts today

With hope in your heart you drive toward a new life my heart towed behind.


The shocking white stars make me forget gravity pins me to the Earth.

Spring clover

Here I am again, in a land full of beauty with an empty purse.


The internet calls and I can’t resist its pull cause here I meet you.


I sit in a box watching as it gets smaller. The body grows old.


The white spring flowers awaken my memories of dancing through life.


flowing into me an invisible ribbon of air fills my chest