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The pain comes and goes Lightened by the memory Of my time with you.

Favorite shirt

Parallel threads peek through the hole in my torn cuff. Revealing the past

Night cloud

Masking Orion Droplets in a moon-lit cloud echo stars beneath.

Red bird

Red bird flies beneath yellow-orange ribbon of cloud in blue morning sky.


Blinded by the dew. Dazzling iridescent drops lit by the sun.


Layered curtains made of clear glass beads hide the city lights.    

Back to work poem written in a minute – Back in the box

Lost beneath the rim of expectation, A woman reshapes herself to fit into the box that society and her employers expect.   Like an animal cell She abhors a cell wall trying to flow out past artificial limitations.. Holidays over her time of flowing are gone unless in secret pseudopodia reaching out, stretching toward a … Continue reading

Sky fields

Pink clouds, blue shadows plowed rows in the winter sky Soon to sprout out stars

Lunatics Animatic

Lunatics Animatic. The thing that I’ll remember 2012 most for is that it is the year that I took my writing seriously and tried to publish for the first time. What we made is the web series LUNATICS whose pilot episode NO CHILDREN IN SPACE was to be animated with money that we raised in … Continue reading

Rozzychan – 2012 in review

I think that it’s cool that WordPress makes this weird report with graphics and animated gifs. That’s good PR. I’m assuming that it doesn’t make it possible for others to login to my account’s site stats, but well, we will see. Despite the vast amount of poetry that I have written this year, the stats, … Continue reading