Reading Script – Georgiana Lerner and Tim

Reading Script – Georgiana Lerner (age 8)


TIM: Georgy.

Georgy: Hi Timmy. You want to play with me?

Tim: No. I want to ask you some questions.

Georgy: OK

Tim: You do work around here don’t you?

Georgy: Yes, I feed the chickens and the goat. I fold the clothes with mama, and I help her cook sometimes.

Tim: Don’t you think that we should be paid?

Georgy: I don’t know.

Tim: Well I think we should, and I want you to sign this petition for me.

Georgy: I don’t want to.

Tim: Come on. Sign it.

Georgy: Only if you play with me.

Tim: Play what.

Georgy: Dollies

Tim: Heck no. I’m on cast today. I’ll never live that down. How bout a few games of tic tac toe.

Georgy: No I want Dollies.

Tim: No can do Georgy. How about this. I’ll play you a game of checkers if you sign this petition.

Georgy: Three games of checkers!

Tim: Two or nothing.

Georgy: Okay. (Georgy signs the document) 


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