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13th moon

This year there are 13 full moons instead of 12. An extra moon has no expectations. It is a time of magic and wishes. A time full of possibilities. A time when hidden things are revealed, and dreams can come true. Make a wish. Live a dream, under the 13th moon. All seems possible when … Continue reading

The End

The end brings silence. Clearing the stage so that we can begin anew..

The Hobbit

I liked the songs. I liked the riddle game. The Hobbit hole. The story of Thorin’s fame.   I thought fight scenes. Were certainly overdone. For smiths and toymakers, battles should be hard won.   The trolls were good, and Rivendell did look sweet, and Radagast was fun, his rabbits were neat.   But it … Continue reading


The world is chaos. I close my eyes and breathe in a moment of peace.