Reading Script – Iegor Timothy Farmer

Reading Script – Iegor Timothy Farmer (age 15)

EFFECT: Sound of blowing wind like Antarctica.


The moon. Beautiful, cold …and lonely. I’m so lonely.

Here on the barren wasteland of the moon, I am so alone.

In fact, I … I. Timothy Farmer, am the only teenager on the entire planet.

Forced to live my greatest years dateless … and alone.

It’s tragic. Tragic.

Every morning I wake up with no one to talk to. No girlfriend. No soft touch of human companionship. They say that if an infant isn’t touched when they are young that they become out warped and strange and may even die. I don’t want to die.

So ladies, I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “What can I do to help poor Timothy get through these troubled times?” I’m glad you asked, because what would really keep me keep warm on these cold lunar nights are some pics of my beautiful viewers. It’s so nice to think that although I am three hundred and fifty thousand kilometers away from the Earth. There are still people there … thinking of me.

Your good thoughts and images keep me company so I’m not so very alone.

ANYA ( his mom)

(Knock knock knock )



Well it seems my webcast must come to an end.


Iegor, open this door this instant!

TIM: (talking faster)

Remember the email is ITFarmer@ISF1.OR.Luna and I will see you beautiful people next week.


Iegor did you take out the trash? Open this door NOW!


Signing off. Peace.

(Turns off camera, then opens door)


What is it!


Don’t you use that tone with me Iegor Timothy Farmer?

TIM: (in whiny voice)

But mom! You know this is the time for my webcast!


It is time for you to do your work. The Tokyo market closes in 45 minutes and I have to make some calls. Set up a link for me to the European Phone exchange.


But Mom, don’t you remember? I set up a macro.


I don’t know how to use that stuff. You get it to work. You are the communications tech on this station. Do your job!


If I have a job, shouldn’t I get paid for it? Slave labor is against both U.S. and Russian Law.


True, and if we were in the U.S. or Russia it might be an issue. But we are not. And I am your mother. So GET IN THERE and MAKE IT WORK!


But MOM, can’t I even get an allowance? Other kids get an allowance, and they do a lot less work than me.


What do you need money for? To buy t-shirts and gadgets? Who is going to pay to ship them here? I am not paying launch costs for another Momo-AiAi lampshade.


Ahh mom. I’m not into her anymore. Not much anyway.


Work. Now. (Anya leaves)

(Screen beeps. Tim touches it and an image of a girl in a bikini pops up.)

Girl Voice – Hi I’m Feleena. I feel horrible about you being there all alone. Here is a picture of me in my new bikini. Love your webcast. I’m a big fan.

TIM – Heh! That’s what I like.

ANYA (off camera)





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