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A Love of Lost Causes

I love, at large events when the tiny countries come up to play. I never fail to notice. Watching with rapt attention as the Namibian ice skater comes to the floor, in borrowed skates made white by a fresh coat of shoe polish. Who didn’t have the benefit of blue ribbon training camps, or corporate … Continue reading

orange dawn

Like a slash of paint glowing on my bathroom wall the orange light of dawn

Meet the team – Rosalyn Hunter

Here is my bio from the Lunatics kickstarter. Support us. The idea for Lunatics! came from a discussion between Terry Hancock and Rosalyn Hunter on space-homesteading, the problems of space settlers, and the potential personality conflicts of the space advocates who would be most likely be involved. It was Rosalyn Hunter who conceived the characters … Continue reading

Handling Languages in Lunatics!

In my story, we had people speaking in different languages. It was so amazing to be able to have actors speak my words in different languages. Excerpt follows. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2144275086/finish-lunatics-pilot-episode/posts/570156


“Lunatics!” is a science fiction animated web series about the very first Lunar settlers. “Someone has to be crazy enough to go first!” It’s the year 2040, and seven-year-old Georgiana Lerner is destined to become not only the first child to go into space, but she will fly all the way to the Moon with … Continue reading

Meet the cast – Sergei plays Sergei

Sergei Oleinik These are the people working on our production of LUNATICS – a science fiction colony story. We found Sergei Oleinik, who is a voice-over artist from Moscow, via an online voice-over casting site. He’s a pretty great guy, and hardly made any fuss over having to do all of this acting in English. … Continue reading

Meet the cast! – Lex Quarterman

Meet the cast! – Lex Quarterman. Here is a voice actor, Lex Quarterman, reading some of my script from the Lunatics story Cyborg. Click through and listen to the audio at the bottom of the page. Rosalyn p.s. I enjoy comments

Lunatics and telling more than one story

http://kck.st/1bPRPwb A friend pointed me to this TED talk today. In it the author is talking about how it is important to write more than one story about a people or people will have stereotypes about them because they know so little about their culture. Well the same is true about the future of humans … Continue reading