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Ambition © Rosalyn Hunter 2015  self portrait

The Jaywalkers

THE JAYWALKERS Downtown Dallas on a Saturday Morning.  © Rosalyn Hunter

Honor among thieves – Or why most fanfiction writers don’t use creative commons licenses

Today I was looking at a video and saw the creative commons logo flash by. In the free art world, Creative Commons licenses are the winners of the copy left licenses. People like the idea of publishing things in a way that keeps the art in “the commons” and still allows people to get credit … Continue reading

What the Game of Thrones says about Education’s role in Society (A semi-frivolous rant)

Every so often another attack against free public education comes our way. They seem to be started by people who have already benefited from the system and want to work out their own school anger issues by making sure that the next generation gets tortured just as badly as they were. This illustrates the fact … Continue reading