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blue morning

Birdsong sounds pale blue embracing the setting moon with tendrils of sound

reposting inspiration

Someone sent me a quote in an email. Since I am writing in my “copious” spare time. I thought I’d re-post it as an inspiration to others. To empower is to write, To write is to influence, To influence is to change, To change is to live. – Jane Evershed Sounds great. Now can somebody … Continue reading

Primrose fields

I cover my eyes but my thoughts still choose to stray among primrose fields


I am determined Today success will be mine Life Victorious!

Animation Tests

A story of hope In a world full of darkness may save a lost soul. Animation Tests. Please support the Lunatics project.

And now, a word from our sponsors

TV before me I sleep with the sound blaring ad(s) infinitum.

The maudlin undead or whining about change

  I want to watch it! Toll roads on the internet. block what once was free


I stare at the keys as the monitor heats up my troubled forehead.


my heart is floating. I don’t know why I’m smiling. I just feel happy.

Wet Spring Rain

Pounding on my chest The South wind beats against me all wet with Spring rain