Reading Script – Sarah Allison with Rob from “Rocks”

Reading Script Sarah Allison from “Rocks”


Well, I am so glad that you’ll let me stay here. I haven’t had a chance to spend any time on this part of the moon. When I first came here, there was only the base and (steps on his toe)…excuse me…

Rob: That’s quite alright.


The guys at the base were NOT the most open about letting people prance around outside if you know what I mean. Very regimented there and (imitating voice) “under whose authority as you leaving the base” and that sort. I didn’t stay very long.

But I’m really excited about the possibility of looking at this area in detail. You see I have a little mapping grant from the USGS. Soil surveys and all that and I’ve been working on it everyplace I go, but I haven’t done a thing here.

But if you really want to know what interests me, it’s Lava tubes.

Rob: Lava tubes?

Sarah: Yes, I’m just super interested in finding lava tubes. I have a theory, hypothesis really, that there might be some in this area. You see…

Rob: This is the courtyard.

Sarah: Oh this is beautiful. You have a fountain? Neat! I love the way the water falls. That is so amazing!

Rob: And this is our dining room. We are pretty much on our own for most of the meals, but we prefer that you come to dinner in the evenings.

Sarah: Evenings. I’ve been meaning to ask you what time system are you on. The base uses Mountain time, but I hear from them that you are not…Oh… My… God!

Is that table made out of?

(She examines the table)

That looks like … Anorthosite. But that can’t possibly be can it?

Let’s see. Definitely feldspar. It is! This is …This is Genesis Rock! This table is made of rock that is over FOUR BILLION years olds, do you know that?

Rob: Yeah, It’s our dinner table.

Sarah: Are you telling me, that you eat your dinner off of this? This is precious! I saw the genesis rock . It’s like six centimeters long. This is, what, Three meters? This is amazing! This should be in a museum!

Rob: It is. Four or five museums actually. This is what was left over. You see the shipping is a bit expensive.

Sarah: But this is like eating dinner off of a diamond. What if you damage it?

Rob: We do have a cover on it. See? Scratch resistant. Would you like some tea?

Sarah: Well bless my soul this is a strange place.

Rob: Welcome to the colony Sarah.


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