Reading Script – Anya, Rob, Josh

Rob: Good Morning Anya.

Anya: Good Morning Rob. How are you?

Rob: Good. Good. I am, however concerned about some of the things that I’ve been hearing from our people in Washington. There’s another campaign to stop space funding. Senator White from Idaho is spearheading this one.

Anya: Idiot! I do not understand why your government cannot keep on the same path for more than two years without totally changing their mind. Nothing gets done.

Rob: (Laughs) I don’t think you have room to talk. I was reading just last night that th Russian Federation is planning on leaving the European Union …again.

Anya: Is little joke we do. It is very hard to live in Russia without a sense of humor. The Germans, they have no sense of humor. This does not worry me. What does worry me is the way our third quarter earnings have been dropping. I have been talking with Joseph and he says that…

(Josh enters)

Anya: Привет, любимый! (Preevet, lubimyi!)

(they kiss. Josh sits down.)

Rob: Good morning Josh.

Josh: Morning. Incubator number three cut out on me this morning. Can you come by some time and check the wiring?

Rob: Certainly. Let me get you some coffee.

Josh: Thanks.

(Rob leaves)

Anya: (rubbing his shoulders) How are you?

Josh: Tired.

Anya: As you should be after last night. I have special cloths shipment coming on next transport. it is …to look forward to.

(Rob returns)

Rob: Here’s your coffee.

Josh: Thanks.

Anya: Rob, you must talk to Salt. The base wants to institute policy to limit when outsiders can enter the base. You must stop him.

Rob: Base relations are your job.

Anya: Yes, but I tell you that you must do this. Salt is authority. He will only listen in matters of policy to the official authority here. Most of the time he acts as if we are crazy gypsies coming to steal trinkets from the soldiers.

Rob: I’ll find some time to call tomorrow.

Anya: I have appointment set up for you at 2 pm today.

Rob: You do.

Anya: Yes, and you will be there, and do as I say because you are the boss.

Rob: Okay, two oclock, I will be there …boss huh?

Anya: Good. Now I will go get ready so I can talk to a possible new investor.

Rob: Who?

Anya: Avion.

Rob: But they are a supplier?

Anya: They are now, but in two weeks, they will be investor. Josh, do not get too tired at work.

(kisses him and leaves)


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