Reading script – Hiromi Learner – Interview from ” No children in Space”

Reading script – Hiromi Learner – From ” No children in Space”

Looking at the table from the audience we see A REPORTER in a suit, SERGEI, HIROMI, and GEORGIANA (coloring)

REPORTER (to Hiromi)

How long have you planned to go into space?


Well, I suppose since the first day I met my husband Robert Lerner. I attended one of his lectures and I realized that the colonization of the moon is not just a government or even a society’s decision, it is a personal one. I knew then that if there were going to be colonists on the moon that I would have to be one of them.


So Robert Lerner and yourself. Sounds like an amazing love story. Care to enlighten us?


Perhaps another time.

(Murmurs from audience. An AWWW!)

SERGEI picks up a glass of water.


Did you always plan to take your children with you to the moon.


No actually. Our plan was to go to the moon and have children there.


Alone on the moon? Weren’t you afraid.


Afraid of what?


Complications with the birth or pregnancy… running out of diapers.

( Audience laughter)


I guess we supposed that we would get by.

And let me take this time to say that what we are doing, taking my daughter with me to space, is no different than what colonists have always done. When the first immigrants went to colonize the Americas it was, by no stretch of the imagination, safe. But people took their families with them. The family is the basic unit of society. You cannot start a new culture, a new society with only single men and women. We need families to make settlements and that means children.


But aren’t you afraid that GEORGIANA might die in the harsh reality that is space?


She could die here. Of diseases spread by overcrowding. Of natural disaster. Of crime.

Honestly I think that she will be much safer there than here. This is not a decision that we took lightly or without thought. We evaluated everything. We created custom space suits, redesigned spaces in the vehicle. A massive amount of design work has gone into making sure that Georgy will have the safest trip possible. Honestly this trip to the moon will actually be less dangerous than driving Georgy to school for a year.

Also, I can’t help but think that the best place for a child is with her parents.


And Commander Titov what are your thoughts about the flight.


I’m looking forward to it. Little Georgiana is like a little niece to me. It’s wonderful to think that I can show her where I work.


Well I can see that our time is up. Good Luck on your flight, and know that all our dreams and hopes go with you.


Thank You


Thank you (aside to Georgiana) Georgy.

GEORGIANA looks up. Lights shine in her face.


Thank you all so much.

(The crowd sighs and applauds.)


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