Reading Script – Iegor Timothy Farmer Interview

Iegor Timothy Farmer Interview

Interviewer. So we’ll be starting in just a second. Do you mind turning off your music.

TIM: Uhhh Yes
I. Please!


(Turns music off)
I. Today we’re talking with Iegor Timothy Farmer. At 15 he the youngest working member of the moon colony.

Hello Tim

TIM: Hi.
I. So Timothy what are your long term plans?

T. To live is pretty high on my list.
I. OK, but what I’m asking is … where do you plan to be in five years?

T. Whereever. I don’t know.
I. What are your current goals?

T. Finish school. Beat the major boss in Super Master Chess 45,000 Normal stuff.
I. Do you have a girlfriend?

T. Do you know where I live?
I. How do you spend your time on the colony.

T. Well. I got my 24-cast that I do most days. I have chores. stuff like that.
I. So I hear that you are the major communications officer of the colony. Is that true?

T. You got that right.
I. So what do you do?

T. I maintenance the equipment and upload upgrades and talk to base. Stuff like that.
I. About that. I hear that you often talk to a woman at the base…I think her name was Tina?
T. Nah, Tina and I ain’t …we’re just friends.
I. But you’d like to be more than friends.

T. Will this go on much longer. I have a transmission in 5 minutes and 27 seconds.
I. I guess we can finish our talk later.

T. Right. Good Bye.


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