January 14, 2004 – Wednesday

Yesterday was a very hard day. I moved my desk in my room and in the morning my husband went to take a welding test. The place used to be part of the old railroad. He failed. They suggested that he take a fifteen hour welding class at the local community college.

As it was hot, we decided to go to the lake. I was a bit loathe to swim, so we didn’t take our swimsuits but my son waded into the water which he said felt ‘normal’ which means warm.

On the way back home, the kids asked for Chinese food, but we had no money. We stopped at Health and Human Services to fill out a food stamps form. They told us that since the other branch had been unable to contact us, we would be denied. They also said that we needed to fill out a new application because we had moved.

After what seemed like a long time where the kids were going ballistic in the waiting room, we left, and before getting to the street, our car ran out of gas. We tried calling my husband’s parents, but our phones were iffy and my husband’s mother was busy.

It was so hot, but a kind Samaritan took us home, and we used my sister’s car to go back to the other car. We siphoned gas from our generator and poured it into the gas tank to get it home. Then we used to car’s battery to power our tools since the generator was not working.

We did the work on our trailer until late into the night. We couldn’t enter the trailer while it was still on jacks as it wasn’t safe.  By the time that we did get in, my baby daughter had a bad diaper rash. The kids were cranky and very hungry.

I started up the grill, and heated up some creamed corn, ramen noodles, and green beans. It was fairly well received, although my middle child refused to eat the green beans.

We finally got the kids to bed, and I was so exhausted that I went to bed without cleaning up. Now it is morning and I have to go back to Health and Human Services. I hope that they have the famed one day service, because I am tired of just ignoring my kids when they say, “I’m hungry.”


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