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Let’s have lunch

Flash of sunlight on your silver spoon showing off your playful smile.

Scorpion sting!

Scorpion unfurls. Filling me with poison made of anger and fear.


Orion fishes aiming his spear of planets at the Plieiades

blue sky

a horse and rider blown across the sky by the cool morning breezes

Today’s Haiku

Dying flower heads reach up toward the sunlight. A lone bee passes.

I’ve got hope! Lunatic web series pilot kickstart begins

WOW, what a day, and night. I just launched my largest kickstarter campaign yet! You see, the economy is weird, and people say that their isn’t a way to get a fair break in this world, and that writers will never be paid for their work. I want to prove them wrong. I had an … Continue reading

Feeding time

Though it pinches her She still smiles feeding nectar to the red parrot

up too late

The candle burns out. the only light now comes from my computer screen


Found inside the crate   / gray-white hyphae covering   / my new strawberry

A Kite made of planets!

Cresent-edged new moon forms a trapezoid with lights in the morning sky