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My New Word Press Blog – Lunatics

Hi all! I have posted numerous times about the webseries that I am making called Lunatics. I have since made an official blog for the series at http://lunaticstv.wordpress.com/ . Please take a look at it. I need the hit counts and you might like it. This will allow me to use this blog for more … Continue reading


Tiny shoulder hairs fall under the shadow of your warm fingertips

Early Morning sky

Lined up in the sky. planets form an arrow aimed at the crescent moon.


Startling while sunlight pierces into my bedroom. Cavemen we are still.  

Making my own fun – Lunatics Voices Cast

Last year my husband and I decided to stop waiting and start doing, and the story about a few wacky Space enthusiasts that I had been tossing around since 2005 became our animated kickstarter-funded project LUNATICS. So I’d like to announce a major milestone. We have cast actors to do the voices to illustrate the … Continue reading

Heat Stroke

Sunlight spears through my brain piercing my thoughts and refracting shadows on the wall as through etched glass.   I squint at the the glare of memories projected there: The sweet smell of bacon grilling on a summer morning. The feel of water running through my toes.   Sounds beat through my skull making my … Continue reading


Two flies on my desk. My wrathful hand kills them both. Should I feel remorse?

1000 likes! Thank You

Emily Dickensonson says that fame is a fickle food, but I say. YIPPIE!!!!!! Thank You all. 1,000 Likes! Congratulations on getting 1,000 total likes on rozzychan.   OK let’s sober up with Emily Dickenson’s poem from Poets.org Fame is a fickle food (1659) by Emily Dickinson Fame is a fickle food Upon a shifting plate … Continue reading

Revising a poem with Chris

Southern winds blow in rain threatens the grassy fields we quickly compose

An Author’s Job

Puppeteer of words I pull on heartstrings so that I can make you cry