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Rain on the rooftop beating away at the edge of my muddy thoughts

Birthday Cake

Under icing white A chocolate cake is waiting Blow out the candles!

When Poems go Horribly Wrong # 3 – Equinox moon

As it sets on the equinox, The half-moon glows orange, like one of those dorito taco things, only upside down.

Happy Hobbit Second Breakfast!

Hello, It’s the seventy fifth anniversary of the Hobbit and time to eat second breakfast.   Happy second breakfast folks.

Morning sun

The morning sun smiles peeking at the Earth which waits to feel its warm kiss.

To do

Lists of things to do. I tick them off one by one. The line is endless.

So glad to see you again

A simple handshake Cannot convey my regret for each smile I’ve missed.  


The thin sharp crescent Cuts the night into day The moon is a blade.


Moon by a planet Shining in a sky of blue A flag in the sky.

In the cool of the morning I see Orion, the moon, and a planet in the sky and I know in my heart that they are my family. What a gift to be accepted by the Universe. All the stars our Brothers and Sisters and our job is to know them and to think of … Continue reading