Reading Script – Robert Lerner – Speech 1 – It’s stupid

Robert Lerner – Speech

Speech 1 – It’s Stupid

It’s stupid the way people are. We’ve been in space for almost eighty years and yet how much closer are we to colonizing space? Hardly any. People say, “we’ve went to the moon. We proved that we could, and that’s enough.

Did the first animals that walked on land say, “Hey, we proved that we could get there, so now let’s go back into the Ocean?” NO! And neither should we.

We’ve crossed a horizon. We’ve entered Space. Don’t you think that we are meant to stay there? But what are we doing about it?


They say that the technology isn’t there for sustained life on other planets. Well I ask you, was the technology there when we decided to go to the moon in the first place?

We developed the technology as we went along, sometimes in the nick of time. We developed the technology because we needed it. Sitting here on Earth, we don’t need the technology to colonize the moon, so how when are we ever going to develop it? Who is going to develop it?

Well I have an answer for that. We are going to develop it. Here. Now. We will develop the technology ourselves, and we will use it to live in space.

The time for waiting is past. Space settlement is possible. It is possible now, and we won’t get there if we are afraid to start. Space has always been our future. With your help, we can make space our present.

As Tsiolkovsky says, the planet Earth is the cradle of the mind, but no one can live in the cradle forever.

If humanity is ever to mature, we must leave the cradle. We must go out into Space, not just to visit, but to live.


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