Reading scripts

These scripts are for characters and character pairings.


Dr. John Robert Lerner, founder of the International Space Foundation is a Mechanical Engineer who has given the last twenty-five years of his life supporting the quest for a self-supporting private colony on the moon.

Robert Lerner’s speech 1 – It’s stupid

Robert Lerner’s speech 2 – Safety

Anya, Rob, and Josh

Sarah with Rob


Rob Learner’s wife, Hiromi Lerner is a Japanese American homemaker, but homemaker takes on a whole new meaning when one’s home is a moon base.

Hiromi press interview – From No children in Space

Hiromi phone call – From No children in Space

Georgiana Lerner

Rob and Hiromi’s eight year old daughter is the first child on the moon.

Georgy and Tim


Anya Titova Farmer is the competent, aggressive, Russian business manager of the colony.


Anya, Rob, and Josh

Joshua Farmer

Dr. Joshua Farmer is literally a farmer. I grows crops in the lunar greenhouses to keep them alive. He has a doctorate in Space agriculture and is used to hard work.

Josh Farmer – Interview

Josh and Tim

Anya, Rob, and Josh

I. Timothy Farmer

Tim is the son of Anya and Josh. He is in charge of keeping the communications lines working in the colony and has his own successful web show even though he is only fifteen. The I. in his name stands for Igor. he was named after his maternal grandfather.

Iegor Timothy Farmer

Tim – Interview

Josh and Tim

Georgy and Tim

R. Allen Emerson

Allen is a late addition to the colony. He is a conceptual artist and came to the colony to film a lunar eclipse from other side.

Allen Emerson’s Art Now Interview

Sarah Allison

Dr. Sarah Allison is a geologist. She loves science, and she loves the moon. She has clocked more hours on the moon’s surface than any other person.

Sarah with Rob


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