Reading Script – Anya

(Anya speaks with a Moscow Accent)


Hello, My name is Anya Titova Farmer and I am talking to you today to ask you to invest in the International Space Foundation’s Lunar Colony.

I am sure you are wondering how a moon colony will expand your portfolio. Let me say that Lunar development is the fastest growing in today’s space frontier economy, and we are offering you the opportunity to get in on the ground floor. Be one of the first in market that is sure to grow exponentially in the future.

ISF financial enterprise is one of most successful … one of THE most successful enterprise …it is…

Oh Fuck!

Iegor, stop the feed… I don’t know why I can’t get this fuckin’ script right. It pisses me the fuck off!


Mom! Don’t cuss.


Yes, yes, you are right ..Ohh!! this is so frustrating. Why do I have to do this now the fu…I mean the … Helsinki market is opening in twenty five minutes and I have to get this darn thing up, but my tongue won’t F…it won’t work right.

Pass me that mirror. Is my hair okay? (looks over her face and hair)

Uhmm…good. Alright let’s start again.


Hello, My name is Anya Titova Farmer and I would like to interest you to invest..Fuck!


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