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Dreams Denied. BBC Sherlock and the lost Gay representation

I am a longtime fan of the BBC show Sherlock, and I’d like to tell you a story of a dream denied, an opportunity lost, and a generation abandoned. I know this sounds overly dramatic, but for many people, this is the way that it was. So please bear with me patiently, because as any … Continue reading

The Death of the American Free Press

My father was a voracious consumer of news. When I was a child, I woke to news on the radio every morning. We also watched news on the television every evening before I went to bed. I remember watching the Iran hostage crisis, countless in-depth war zone reports, and Watergate. I hated Watergate. It was … Continue reading

Cinderella’s Fall

A dream come true. A fairytale ending She had won her prince at last and moved into the shining castle. But her heart was still nestled in the cinders Black and cracked Something that crumbled in her hands.   The white walls were sterile and empty Her love, a night’s enchantment So in the end, … Continue reading