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Break out of the bubble

Once upon a time the internet was open.
It was a series of wires that connected each person to each other person. Now it wasn’t completely open, because you needed a specialized machine to access it, and the only people who had such access were military or university professors and students and some corporate entities. They could send each other mail, and talk to each other on newsgroups about work or other things. That was the old days.

Later, the internet became accessible to many more people. They could dial up to hubs that would let them connect to other places and the only thing that limited where you could go was knowing the correct address and having a modem .

Now, access to the internet is everywhere. We have it not just on our computers but also on our phones, on even our TVs. It seems that the world is at our fingertips. Now we can access anyplace in the world at anytime and see everything on our open and free internet, right?


For most people the internet is a closed backwater and they don’t even know it. You can’t see what you’re missing because the programs that you use are designed to reflect back to you only things that you have seen before. It’s like living in a mirrored bubble. It reflects yourself back at you and you are totally oblivious to the outside world.

Cookies stored on your computer tell what things you like, what places you visit, what things you buy. Ever noticed how the adds eerily reflect the purchases that you just made. That’s one way that they do it. Also websites such as facebook and google chose which content you will see. On facebook your feed defaults to top stories. That means you get news from people you ‘like’ most. Try changing the default to most recent and you will get a totally different order of stories.

And facebook won’t show you everyone. You can’t get details on some people or organizations unless they are your friend, so your view of the world is limited to people you already know.

There is information out there that is blocked from you.

Try looking up the gymnast Gabby’s winning floor routine. You find still pictures and news organizations, but the actual video feed is blocked, because someone else owns it. If you upload the feed, then you will get a notice that you must take it down, or youtube will just block your video from being shown or even searched for.

You may say, “Oh that’s because the copyright is owned by NBC and they have a right to control access to it.”. Whether you believe that or not, things are being blocked that are not owned by companies for frivolous or even political reasons.

Recently the curiosity rover landed on Mars and sent images back to Earth. This project was funded by NASA and by law all images from NASA are released into the public domain, therefore everyone in the world should be able to see it.

However, I know of a person in Bangladesh who was denied the ability to see videos of curiosity landing because of IP restrictions because the images were not accessible to people outside of the US.

But people can stll upload the images to free sites like YouTube you say.

A user reposting free NASA videos was given a take down notice for, because a minor news organization’s bot saw that they were replicating images that they had published.

If you think that the internet is showing you the world. You are being Naive.

Break outside your bubble.

Look for other sources of information and news.

Search for underground sites. You may have to type the URL in instead of going to search engines like google. Do it. Don’t let others control your mind. BREAK OUT OF THE BUBBLE!

That’s my rant of the day.


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