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A Love of Lost Causes

I love, at large events when the tiny countries come up to play. I never fail to notice. Watching with rapt attention as the Namibian ice skater comes to the floor, in borrowed skates made white by a fresh coat of shoe polish. Who didn’t have the benefit of blue ribbon training camps, or corporate … Continue reading

Tipping Point – In memory of Gayle Walker

There’s a tipping point inside your life when you first learn how to live. Knowing you’re not judged by what you have, but by what you have to give.

reposting inspiration

Someone sent me a quote in an email. Since I am writing in my “copious” spare time. I thought I’d re-post it as an inspiration to others. To empower is to write, To write is to influence, To influence is to change, To change is to live. – Jane Evershed Sounds great. Now can somebody … Continue reading

Animation Tests

A story of hope In a world full of darkness may save a lost soul. Animation Tests. Please support the Lunatics project.


Pictures on the wall of my young children smiling. Now they’ve grown so tall.

Your Future starts today

With hope in your heart you drive toward a new life my heart towed behind.

Back to work poem written in a minute – Back in the box

Lost beneath the rim of expectation, A woman reshapes herself to fit into the box that society and her employers expect.   Like an animal cell She abhors a cell wall trying to flow out past artificial limitations.. Holidays over her time of flowing are gone unless in secret pseudopodia reaching out, stretching toward a … Continue reading

Lunatics Animatic

Lunatics Animatic. The thing that I’ll remember 2012 most for is that it is the year that I took my writing seriously and tried to publish for the first time. What we made is the web series LUNATICS whose pilot episode NO CHILDREN IN SPACE was to be animated with money that we raised in … Continue reading

13th moon

This year there are 13 full moons instead of 12. An extra moon has no expectations. It is a time of magic and wishes. A time full of possibilities. A time when hidden things are revealed, and dreams can come true. Make a wish. Live a dream, under the 13th moon. All seems possible when … Continue reading

sun and silver

Sun-lit grass glows green a forest crossed by silver shining spiderwebs.