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Sticks and stones will break my bones –or The fight for BLACK LIVES MATTER

My ancestors were the children of slaves. They grew up during a time of fear. They inherited a legacy of sayings and warnings about what you must and must not do if you were black. This was for their own protection, because people in the South, even as far West as Texas, could still get … Continue reading

More offenses on the copyright front

Techdirt stated in an article (https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20150317/10513630347/umg-licenses-indie-artists-track-then-uses-content-id-to-claim-ownership-it.shtml) that the Universal Music Group used the fact that one person’s music was used as a background track in an audiobook that they published as proof that they owned the work and could add their advertising to the work on You Tube. They do not own the work, but … Continue reading

Songs Forgotten

Lost in a sea of self accusation, torture, despair, and self-flagelation, My past failures were all I could see, crushing my hopes and ruining me.   Out of the blue I found an old song, lost and forgotten from days gone long. when I played it I was taken away, To memories of a happier … Continue reading

reposting inspiration

Someone sent me a quote in an email. Since I am writing in my “copious” spare time. I thought I’d re-post it as an inspiration to others. To empower is to write, To write is to influence, To influence is to change, To change is to live. – Jane Evershed Sounds great. Now can somebody … Continue reading

Goodbye satyr’s moon

Yellow moonlight calls but the satyr’s dancing stops when the dawn light shines.

Back to work poem written in a minute – Back in the box

Lost beneath the rim of expectation, A woman reshapes herself to fit into the box that society and her employers expect.   Like an animal cell She abhors a cell wall trying to flow out past artificial limitations.. Holidays over her time of flowing are gone unless in secret pseudopodia reaching out, stretching toward a … Continue reading

The End

The end brings silence. Clearing the stage so that we can begin anew..


  Waking to a world of grey I gasped to see fire surprised by the sun!


Yellow butterfly cartwheels past the blowing grass before the storm comes

Breaking out

It must be painful, when a butterfly breaks out, of a chrysalis.