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More offenses on the copyright front

Techdirt stated in an article (https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20150317/10513630347/umg-licenses-indie-artists-track-then-uses-content-id-to-claim-ownership-it.shtml) that the Universal Music Group used the fact that one person’s music was used as a background track in an audiobook that they published as proof that they owned the work and could add their advertising to the work on You Tube.

They do not own the work, but because the copyright claims on You Tube are mostly automated, it is extremely difficult to prevent major corporations from doing whatever they want when it comes to copyright claims.

This is particularly relevant to those making free culture works. If one grants a free license, or even releases works into the public domain, will some big corporation simply claim that content as their own and try to prevent the original artist from distributing it? We are living in a shaky age when people can not trust that their own work will remain their own.

What forces can we bring to bear to counteract such unfairness. What places can we go to assure that our works will remain free?


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