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Green Nail Polish – a drabble

Today I went to Arlingcon. It was fun. One of the tracks was a writing prompts session (writer’s write in) done by the DFW writer’s workshop. We were given five to ten minutes to come up with a story. This is a story that I wrote. Prompt will be explained at the end. She was … Continue reading

The future of fiction – Crowdsourcing and Getting paid to write

The future of fiction – Crowdsourcing and getting paid to write http://kck.st/1bPRPwb Someone once said that everyone has a novel under their bed, or at least on their computer. For most people, that’s enough, just having it there, and it doesn’t matter if anyone sees it. But for others, it isn’t enough. You want to … Continue reading


Rain on the rooftop beating away at the edge of my muddy thoughts


I stack words like cards with care so they won’t collapse the stories I build.

No Children in Space (The story)

No Children in Space (The story). I’m starting my novelization of the screenplay, “No children in space.” Please give it a read. I enjoy comments. You can put them here. Criticism is also appreciated. Rosalyn Hunter   😀 I’m writing. Yeah!

Writing and the permission culture

You and I live in a permission culture. From a young age, we have been taught that we cannot do anything new without receiving permission from some person in authority. As a child this is useful. But as we get older it is important for us to question these limits and try to see if … Continue reading

Fame step by step – Yes! a mention in Ars Technica

Previously I talked about people and fame. According to some, everybody gets their fifteen minutes of fame. My husband’s kickstarter proposal LIB-RAY got a mention in the magazine Ars Technica. We hope that this means we will get our project funded. Getting our project funded means we eat to the end of the year. That … Continue reading