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Green Nail Polish – a drabble

Today I went to Arlingcon. It was fun. One of the tracks was a writing prompts session (writer’s write in) done by the DFW writer’s workshop. We were given five to ten minutes to come up with a story. This is a story that I wrote. Prompt will be explained at the end.

She was wearing green nail polish. Ana had told Marjorie that she wasn’t allowed to wear nail polish until she was ten. She wanted to say sixteen, but she knew that if she did Marjorie would only defy her. But there it was, plain as day, her own green nail polish on her fingertips. She must have stolen it from her dresser drawer.

Ana looked up as the lights flashed in the rear-view mirror. The same color as what flowed down Marjorie’s arm, covering the polish with a new coat of red.

(Prompt: An accident has occurred. Write a story set right after the accident which does not mention the accident.)

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