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The future of fiction – Crowdsourcing and Getting paid to write

The future of fiction – Crowdsourcing and getting paid to write


Someone once said that everyone has a novel under their bed, or at least on their computer. For most people, that’s enough, just having it there, and it doesn’t matter if anyone sees it. But for others, it isn’t enough. You want to make money with your writing. You want to get paid.

Unfortunately, the traditional publishing route doesn’t always result in financial success even for very good writers (see references). So is this the end of getting paid for fiction?

I don’t think so, because the good news is that just as some forms of funding are disappearing, other sources are springing up. Crowdsourcing is one. With crowdsourcing, the fans of a work pay some amount to help the author afford to live while they finish the book. It’s like getting an advance from a book company, only the people who are paying are not doing it as a gamble for profits. They have a very real desire to see the work done.

Crowdsourcing has worked for Television shows like Veronica Mars  and for comics and games, but I haven’t seen many successes for books yet. But think about it. If the writer of “The Game of Thrones” asked for money to write his next book, don’t you think that the fans would pay up?

Imagine a world where fans determine whether you are worth the money, rather than some editor who may not know your market or your audience.  I am using crowdsourcing to pay for the animation, script, and novel of my story, Lunatics. If we succeed, that helps to prove that crowdsourcing can work. With your help, (five dollars would be enough) we may succeed. By supporting crowdsourced projects, you are creating a hopeful future for writers everywhere.

Support Lunatics, and help to change the world.  http://kck.st/1bPRPwb

Rosalyn Hunter (Author)


Don’t turn away from another author in need. Please help.


Actual Figures: Exactly How Much You Can Earn On Each Pay To Write Site

by Hal Licino


“As we can see from this analysis, half of the sites pay 15 cents per month or less.”

The Depressing Reality About Writing Books

By Shane Snow


“Publishing a book seems more and more like winning the lottery.”

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Rosalyn Hunter is the principal writer on the series Lunatics. Please support us. http://lunatics.tv



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