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Fanfiction – A pattern to nurture the creative soul

I often read arguments against fanfiction that basically boil down to, “Why are you wasting your talent writing poor copies of someone else’s genius when you could be filling the world with masterpieces of your own?”

Well, the truth is, masterpieces take time. They take skill. A writer isn’t born. She is made. Continue reading

Budget sociology – Learning about societies through stupid videos.

Look to your left. What do you see there? Is it a bookcase, a television, a checkout line? Odds are what you see there tells something about you and your values. Sociology is the study of societies. How people interact with each other. What they value. One low budget way to learn a bit about … Continue reading

Meet the team – Rosalyn Hunter

Here is my bio from the Lunatics kickstarter. Support us. The idea for Lunatics! came from a discussion between Terry Hancock and Rosalyn Hunter on space-homesteading, the problems of space settlers, and the potential personality conflicts of the space advocates who would be most likely be involved. It was Rosalyn Hunter who conceived the characters … Continue reading

Anatomy Poems 1 – Playing the hand you are dealt

Standing on the trapeze, The four sides above void, I must not lose my head, a sham eight card deployed. My form made to appease, Three queens held in my thrall, When the moon shines, too late! Escape and avoid all.     An ode to the bones of the hand Key to poem: Trapezium … Continue reading

We have only hours left!

I have talked real actors into reading my script, and we will have a Readthrough of script by full cast. tomorrow. But my kickstarter campaign to pay them is going to fall through unless someone helps TODAY! Please help if you can.   http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2144275086/lunatics-pilot-episode-voice-drama-and-animatic?ref=users

Art books are out – Four days left on our kickstart

Art books are out – Four days left on our kickstart. I have four days to raise money to hire the voice cast. If you can help, and if you want the book. Pledge something. Please Ros Good wishes to the family of Neil Armstrong.

My Science manifesto

Here’s another one from the archives. While searching my hard drive, I found something I wrote some time ago titled Science Manifesto . Now normally I don’t use words like manifesto which is a public declaration of intentions or beliefs unless I’m pretty worked up about something so I read it and thought that it … Continue reading

Writing and the permission culture

You and I live in a permission culture. From a young age, we have been taught that we cannot do anything new without receiving permission from some person in authority. As a child this is useful. But as we get older it is important for us to question these limits and try to see if … Continue reading


When you’re in high school, it seems like it’s forever, til graduation.

Dreams of young people 2

These are what high school students said they wanted if they had a perfect day where anything could happen. I wanna fly back home like superman after flying home, I wanna fly around the world and have all of superman’s power. I’d leave here and go back to Hawaii. Um be the chemistry teacher for … Continue reading