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Budget sociology – Learning about societies through stupid videos.

Look to your left. What do you see there? Is it a bookcase, a television, a checkout line? Odds are what you see there tells something about you and your values. Sociology is the study of societies. How people interact with each other. What they value. One low budget way to learn a bit about people from different subcultures and environments is by watching stupid videos.

A MEME is a repetitive transmission of a concept across cultures especially through the internet. These ideas take the shape of things such as photos of cats with misspellings under them, to fake motivational posters. They also include stupid response videos.

In my previous post, I talked about call and response videos like the Harlem Shake. That “required” me to watch lots of stupid videos. (For scientific purposes only mind you.) And while watching them I saw lots of interesting things.


In Gangnam style, Psy’s character is pursuing a woman of a social class that is economically above him. He wants her but has difficulty attaining her.¬† This tells what the character values and wants. When people make parody videos, they show that they want different things such as this Farmer style video where what the farmer really wants is food.



And whereas Psy is overcome by the gentle curve of a womans behind, the MIT student is overcome by the curve of an equation.

overcome by a beautiful curveLiving conditions:

Most people don’t like to talk about embarrassing things like toilets, so it is not always easy to get pictures of them, however the Gangnam style video shows Psy on a toilet. Some parodies included this as well.


Most parody videos are set where the video makers live, work and go to school, so we get to see what it looks like to work at NASA Johnson Space Center, to go to medical school in Maryland, or to work in a pathology lab.


One hardly needs to move into an indigenous household these days to find out information about other cultures. All you need is a good internet collection, and a continuation of stupid internet memes. Heck, why not make one yourself that includes your dissertation topics, then you are home free! Get to work on that, and Happy Hunting, Folks.

Rosalyn Hunter

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