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Anatomy Poems 1 – Playing the hand you are dealt

Standing on the trapeze,

The four sides above void,

I must not lose my head,

a sham eight card deployed.

My form made to appease,

Three queens held in my thrall,

When the moon shines, too late!

Escape and avoid all.



An ode to the bones of the hand

Key to poem:
Trapezium – Standing on the trapeze.
Trapezoid – the four sides above void (trapezoid means four sided)
Capitate – I must not lose my head ( to decapitate is to lose your head. so Capitate)
Hamate – a sham eight card deployed ( Ham eight sounds like hamate)

Pisiform -My form made to appease ( pisiform means pea shaped – pea form
Triquetral – Three queens held in my thrall (Three = tri QUEensThRALl)
Lunate – ‘fore the moon shines too late (luna = moon)
Scaphoid – ESCAPe and avOID all


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