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Dreams of young people 2

These are what high school students said they wanted if they had a perfect day where anything could happen.

I wanna fly back home like superman after flying home, I wanna fly around the world and have all of superman’s power.

I’d leave here and go back to Hawaii.

Um be the chemistry teacher for one day and take over your job.

Don’t have to go to school.

Go Shopping.

Get a 71 Camaro upgraded and NOS integrated.


I would like to get superpower, Spiderman powers from the comic books.

I would like to go into my favorite video game Fallout 3.

Go everywhere. Have fun!!

Breathe underwater “like a mermaid”.

I wish I was rich.

Lose weight, and find El Salvadore’s government.

Spend all day at the mall.

Go to Paris with my best friend and boyfriend.

Be able to attend the International Convention of the Jehovah Witness.

Be ungrounded, and be able to go skating wherever I want.

Be at a massive, private, indoor skate park with heating, air-conditioning, skate shop water fountain, vending machine, gatorade machine, and a foam pit included.

I want to be able to ride all of the exotic cars in the world.

Have a garage that contained every car in existence.

To pass this six weeks.

I would feed the hungry around the world

I would want school to start at 4 in the morning and end at 10 at night.

I would go to Blizzcon.

I would like to go and meet my “unknown” family.

I would live in a mansion with Logan Lerman as my pool boy, and Taylor Lautner too with the new book Forever.

To go to Harvard,or TAMS program and study physics. Learn about the Holocaust on the side, and live on my own island when I am not winning prizes.

Go back in time.

I would be Rich, Rich, RICH! and also party with my Baybay! 😉


I would like to spend the whole day with my Mom’s Dad that I never got to know.

Party Harty 🙂

I would go back in time and meet my dad as a teenager and beat him up.

I would like to spend it with my family and with everyone getting along.

Cat-like powers and kick some bad guy butt!! ^_^

To be gorgeous enough to stop a guy in his tracks! Teehee! That would be funny. Also, visit Asia.

Eat hot cheetos for a whole day.

Pass all my classes

Have instant transmission powers so I could go everywhere in only one day.

I would want to drive a 1969 Ford, Shelby, Mustang GT 500 on the Texas Motor Speedway.

I would like to go snowboarding.

To have a real bumblebee transformer Camaro.

Sex power.

To make the playoffs!

I would want everything to be made of chocolate.

That’s it. I wonder what you would have said.

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