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Shy Heart

I have a shy hearteasily overpowered by the wants and needs of others.a silent heartthat holds its loves deep like a patch of green algaeat the base of a roiling waterfallhardly noticedcontributing littlebending wildly in the cacophony But perhaps one frosty springwhen the water is lowand the stream is covered with a narrow sheen of … Continue reading

Lady Sky

She walks across the world In a dress of silver-blue Her train, you’ll find will drag behind One thousand miles, and two.

brushed by dreams

My mind brushed by dreams, Like willow branches floating, On the ponds surface.

Tax Time

Reading my receipts reveals

A woman who works, who

Goes to gas stations and grocery stores getting

Tacos, tea, and tic tacs

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America 2018

The tanks will run down the 171, And folks on the roadside will cheer. They’ll come up from the base down near Killeen. Past others who look on with fear.   The men will cry “Make America Great!” As they toss neighbors to the ground. Police in riot gear will pace the streets To make … Continue reading

Wall Flower

A ray of sun. Light strikes the wall. Flowers bloom and glow. Worms wriggle in the rain. Boughs bend nesting an egg. Plants crisscrossed in an array   beneath the sunlight where a former wallflower blooms beneath the glowworms smiling at rainbows as she chops eggplants to feed her young son. To feed her son … Continue reading


Mad is the poet in the wilderness, Crying at the moon for its brightness. Full of the pink of the cherry blossoms, falling like snow.   Lost is the sculptor in creation, Tearing at the clay like a fireman. Digging to release the young maiden, hidden below.   Quiet, the songwriter listens, Dumbstruck by the … Continue reading

Why I write Poetry?

Writing Poetry, Is distilling language down, to the very core.

They call them weeds

Yellow Sunflowers. Others call them weeds, and yet, They brighten my day.


Happy Pi Day! I just noticed the date today is the first five digits of pi! I’m very excited although I know that you might be wondering why. The thing that makes me happy so I’m jumping in my seat, is that without Mathematics our great world is incomplete.