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Tax Time

Tax time

Finds me foraging to find forms

Reading my receipts reveals

A woman who works, who

Goes to gas stations and grocery stores getting

Tacos, tea, and tic tacs

Sometimes seeing a show at the cinema

or viewing videos

A woman who

Sends her sons socks

Taking time to

Have hummus and honey’d tea at home

Somewhat sad

For failing to find fabulous flights to France

or hops to hipster hangouts

chugging coffee and cocoa with cool cohorts

Or Dancing in dazzling designer dresses

But bearing boredom by

Accepting actions and

Decisions duly displayed by

Carelessly crimped

Sheets simply shoved in

A worn white wallet.


About rozzychan

Rosalyn Hunter is the principal writer on the series Lunatics. Please support us. http://lunatics.tv


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