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America 2018

The tanks will run down the 171,

And folks on the roadside will cheer.

They’ll come up from the base down near Killeen.

Past others who look on with fear.


The men will cry “Make America Great!”

As they toss neighbors to the ground.

Police in riot gear will pace the streets

To make sure the rabble’s kept down.


Make sure you carry your sling shot with you

To use when the drones fly your way.

They’ve been programmed to hunt down the wild pigs

That threaten their children at play.


But you and I are the pigs that they seek

And others believe their foul lie,

That Thought, and Science, and Freedom to speak,

Are evils that mean you must die.

About rozzychan

Rosalyn Hunter is the principal writer on the series Lunatics. Please support us. http://lunatics.tv


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