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“Lunatics!” is a science fiction animated web series about the very first Lunar settlers. “Someone has to be crazy enough to go first!” It’s the year 2040, and seven-year-old Georgiana Lerner is destined to become not only the first child to go into space, but she will fly all the way to the Moon with … Continue reading

How to name a Sith Lord

Darth Vader is the iconic Sith Lord. It is pretty obvious that his name comes from the prefix DARTH which is a common Sith title and VADER which is a short form of INVADER, which he is. Therefore the best way to name a Sith Lord is to find a word starting with “in” and … Continue reading

Listen to my work!

Maybe you’re more of a podcasting kind of person. This is an audio recording of a very small part of the Lunatics “Earth” Script. An artist comes to the colony to film an eclipse. This is an interview with the over the top personality filmed before he arrives. If you like it, help me pay … Continue reading

Kickstarter Fundraising Strategy Revised

Kickstarter Fundraising Strategy Revised. Hi all! You’ve heard me talk about our Lunatics project. Well the Hail Mary pass did not work. We didn’t get enough people willing to pay for the whole thing up front, so we are paying in pieces. Support this, and this Christmas (or thereabouts) enjoy a beautifully 2D animated cute … Continue reading

Revising and George Bernard Shaw

Now I like plays, but the plays that I love the best are the ones that you can read. These are plays that have directions noted in them. Sometimes they have introductions or post-scripts. I like “Our Town” and some plays by Chekhov (although I read them in translation) but my favorite play to read … Continue reading

100 Followers! – Thank You

Reading your kind words       / makes joy bubble up popping    / into a broad smile   I just got 100 followers! An amazing feat considering that I just joined in April. Thank you all. 😀 I really appreciate the amazing support I get here. It really makes my day to read your blogs and hear … Continue reading

By candle-light

The flickering flame Of the lit candle tickles My sense of romance.