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How to name a Sith Lord

Darth Vader is the iconic Sith Lord.

It is pretty obvious that his name comes from the prefix DARTH which is a common Sith title and VADER which is a short form of INVADER, which he is.

Therefore the best way to name a Sith Lord is to find a word starting with “in” and replace that with “Darth”. So my family and I came up with a selection of Sith Lord names that you can use at your next Sith naming ceremony. Enjoy:

Darth correct - the wrong
Darth vest - the money man
Darth dite - the lawyer
Darth destructible - the strong
Darth describable - the mysterious
Darth phant - the next generation
Darth famous
Darth sane
Darth accurate - the nearsighted
Darth active - the lazy
Darth stinct
Darth struction
Darth evitable - the destined
Darth Sect
Darth ternal - Deals with problems inside the empire
Darth Ternational
Darth Tergalactic
Darth Teractive
Darth turn - The student
Darth Tergenerational
Darth defatiguable
Darth tranational
Darth trest
Darth struction
Darth Spirational
Darth sipid
Darth Trepid
Darth Sistent
Darth Timidate
Darth Timate
Darth Nate
Darth teract
Darth Stall - Computer programmer
Darth Consistent - The unreliable
Darth Dited
Darth Decisive - the confused
Darth Effible
Darth Sight - the wise
Darth Sightful
Darth Fatuation
Darth Hibition
Darth Hospitable
Darth mate
Darth trospective
Darth Stantanious
Darth Jure
Darth Jury
Darth Sinuate - the tricky
Darth sinerate - The destroyer
Darth Nuendo
Darth Flatable - The airheaded
Darth Nard
Darth Ert
Darth Stigate - the hotheaded
Darth Stigator
Darth Vestigate
Darth Nane - the annoying
Darth Tellegent - The smart
Darth Tegral
Darth Tegrate - the Mathmetician
Darth Complete
Darth Formation - the librarian
Darth Corporate - The businessman
Darth Valuable - the important
Darth Operative 
Darth Operable- the broken
Darth Stant
Darth Spect
Darth sincere - the untrustworthy
Darth Surance - Corporate's right hand man
Darth Corporial
Darth Tregue
Darth Sist
Darth Secure
Darth Tractable
Darth Copacitate
Darth Stallation
Darth Sulator
Darth Sular
Darth Effective - The failure
Darth Ovation - the creative
Darth Violate - the unreachable
Darth Flammation - the sick
Darth Tolerate
Darth Filtrate
Darth Tollerant
Darth Vasion
Darth Sect - of the bug planet
Darth Foulable
Darth Nundate
Darth Terstellar
Darth Terplanetary
Darth Sensitive - the callous
Darth trust
Darth Constant
Darth Compitent
Darth Decisive
Darth Stantly
Darth Surection
Darth Sipiant
Darth Transigent
Darth Vite
Darth Seperable
Darth Appropriate - The bad mannered
Darth Terminable - The very boring
Darth Direct - the evasive
Darth Flammable
Darth Dolent
Darth cinerate - The fiery
Darth Candescent
Darth undate
Darth Continent - The unrestrained

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