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Lady Sky

She walks across the world In a dress of silver-blue Her train, you’ll find will drag behind One thousand miles, and two.

The Blue Skull – Answer to a challenge

There was a challenge on tumblr to make a poem about this print. This is my entry. The Blue Skull In the mud of a hollow well, my bones rotting lie in the darkness of the day Black bugs crawl through the digits of my toes digging holes in the place where flesh once lay … Continue reading

They call them weeds

Yellow Sunflowers. Others call them weeds, and yet, They brighten my day.

Birthday joys

Ice cream for breakfast. Sometimes the simple pleasures are the ones you need.

Spring Rain

Air as sweet as cream. Large, round raindrops fall onto bright-new green grass stalks.

Evil Eye

Clouds in moonlit sky. trails of white form an oval, Black-backed evil eye.

Apple seed

Small red apple seed pushed beneath the soft spring earth A new beginning

Blue sea sky

The sky, a blue sea a lone star shines overhead before the sun rises.


Waiting for the bus A young man hops to the beat of his own headset

orange dawn

Like a slash of paint glowing on my bathroom wall the orange light of dawn