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The sky’s greeting

No longer lonely sharing the Earth’s morning sky The Sun and The Moon


Underneath my sheet The new day dawning above I chase away dreams.


Foam on the river. The clouds passing quickly by, in the morning light.


A tiny dewdrop on the tip of a grass blade is a universe.

Tipping Point – In memory of Gayle Walker

There’s a tipping point inside your life when you first learn how to live. Knowing you’re not judged by what you have, but by what you have to give.

Magnificent day

Swimming serenely on the surface of your eye clouds and a blue sky.


Like a lion’s mane Yellow petals wrapped around a  dark gold-rimmed eye.


The day hangs heavy. Droplets in the muggy air weighing down my thoughts.


What is perspective? Holding a pecan in hand and seeing the tree.

blue morning

Birdsong sounds pale blue embracing the setting moon with tendrils of sound