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Lady Sky

She walks across the world In a dress of silver-blue Her train, you’ll find will drag behind One thousand miles, and two.


Mad is the poet in the wilderness, Crying at the moon for its brightness. Full of the pink of the cherry blossoms, falling like snow.   Lost is the sculptor in creation, Tearing at the clay like a fireman. Digging to release the young maiden, hidden below.   Quiet, the songwriter listens, Dumbstruck by the … Continue reading

Night’s medley

Grey sky at night Moon round and bright Gives out it’s light Steadily Stars hid away Soon to be day Birds sing their fey Medley Conditioners hum Crickets add some To the night’s rum Symphony Sky fades to blue Venus plays too Sharp like a new Timpani


Lightning strikes after spring rain, mixing pleasure with the pain. Clouds let in a shaft of light. Morning sun piercing through night. Rise to meet another day. Meals to eat and bills to pay. Order interspersed with strife. bittersweet the trails of life.


It seemed so small, hardly worth mentioning, really. A tiny bump. You feel it with your fingers, run your thumb upon it, strange. And now you sit. Colorful wall paper. Certificate from a school, not on-line thank goodness. You shift in your chair. Contemplate a magazine. See the pretty girl smiling. Why is it that … Continue reading

Songs Forgotten

Lost in a sea of self accusation, torture, despair, and self-flagelation, My past failures were all I could see, crushing my hopes and ruining me.   Out of the blue I found an old song, lost and forgotten from days gone long. when I played it I was taken away, To memories of a happier … Continue reading


The whirlpool of my thoughts, images of what might be. twisting with silver strands, on the edge of the mind’s sea.   The water slowly churns winding tighter as it falls slowly into the center as the lonely seagull calls.   What ship could navigate it, or cause the swells to cease? my thoughts give … Continue reading

Hole in my heart

  Morning silence. Peace is a hollow heart, a stranger to choice.


Pictures on the wall of my young children smiling. Now they’ve grown so tall.


The internet calls and I can’t resist its pull cause here I meet you.