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Goodbye satyr’s moon

Yellow moonlight calls but the satyr’s dancing stops when the dawn light shines.

What I saw when I peeked out of the door

Red rimmed rainbow edges the sky still black with stars.   (Happy Valentine’s Day!)


Layered curtains made of clear glass beads hide the city lights.    

Back to work poem written in a minute – Back in the box

Lost beneath the rim of expectation, A woman reshapes herself to fit into the box that society and her employers expect.   Like an animal cell She abhors a cell wall trying to flow out past artificial limitations.. Holidays over her time of flowing are gone unless in secret pseudopodia reaching out, stretching toward a … Continue reading

sun and silver

Sun-lit grass glows green a forest crossed by silver shining spiderwebs.    


  Waking to a world of grey I gasped to see fire surprised by the sun!

star shaft

I wish the morning star could shoot a shaft As sharp as it is bright and pierce me through. I bet that that would take away the pain and cauterize my soul ’til it felt new.   And then the world round me would start to clear And looking up I’d enter into light, But … Continue reading

Just before dawn

Red line on the edge of the world, punctuated by the morning star.

Anatomy Poems 1 – Playing the hand you are dealt

Standing on the trapeze, The four sides above void, I must not lose my head, a sham eight card deployed. My form made to appease, Three queens held in my thrall, When the moon shines, too late! Escape and avoid all.     An ode to the bones of the hand Key to poem: Trapezium … Continue reading

When Poems go Horribly Wrong # 3 – Equinox moon

As it sets on the equinox, The half-moon glows orange, like one of those dorito taco things, only upside down.