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Fanfiction – A pattern to nurture the creative soul

I often read arguments against fanfiction that basically boil down to, “Why are you wasting your talent writing poor copies of someone else’s genius when you could be filling the world with masterpieces of your own?”

Well, the truth is, masterpieces take time. They take skill. A writer isn’t born. She is made. Continue reading

Honor among thieves – Or why most fanfiction writers don’t use creative commons licenses

Today I was looking at a video and saw the creative commons logo flash by. In the free art world, Creative Commons licenses are the winners of the copy left licenses. People like the idea of publishing things in a way that keeps the art in “the commons” and still allows people to get credit … Continue reading

Illegitimate Creation

I have, for a number of years, been a participant in the fan fiction and fan video communities and every so often it hits me how racked with disrespect these communities are. It reminds me greatly of the problems of other minority communities that I’ve seen. Members of these communities have internalized popular culture feelings … Continue reading

Why Fanfiction rules the internet

Fanfiction is a collection of stories based on the characters and settings from existing commercial works. The reason that I use the word commercial is because we don’t usually call it fan fiction if you write a story about Lady Macbeth even if Shakespeare wrote it first. The separation of stories into fiction and fanfiction … Continue reading

Is fan fiction crap?

Recently, I was talking to an author who was working to finish her manuscript, and I mentioned that I wrote fan fiction. She said that she doesn’t read the stuff, and that she tries to stay away from it because she doesn’t want to write crap. Such a statement has a load of assumptions built … Continue reading

One of my stories (Homeless Maddy), Published in Fanhand Journal

Guess what? I had a fanfiction story published in the literary magazine, Fanhand (http://fanhand.wordpress.com/). The magazine was just started by some students from Washington. They hope to continue it. they have a blog, and my story is there. Please give it a read and tell me what you think. I don’t have much cross over … Continue reading

Fan Fiction

Stories are removed Susurrations spread across a forest of fans.

An Author’s Job

Puppeteer of words I pull on heartstrings so that I can make you cry

Sherlock BBC Haiku

SHERLOCK: Not as smart as I. But that’s hardly surprising. My friend John Watson. JOHN: A fantastic man. But brilliant as he is he’s an amazing ass. SHERLOCK: Loyal and steadfast, his friendship is the one thing, I can’t bear to lose. JOHN: He is my best friend. He gives meaning to my life. No … Continue reading

A sherlock sequel for Méloë

This is a continuation of the scene I entered into the 500 club competition. Méloë requested that I finish the scene, so here’s the rest of it. ENJOY! Sherlock sat before John perfectly still ignoring his plate of breakfast as he seemed to be ignoring life. How could John not have noticed it before? He … Continue reading