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my heart is floating. I don’t know why I’m smiling. I just feel happy.


The world is chaos. I close my eyes and breathe in a moment of peace.

Let’s have lunch

Flash of sunlight on your silver spoon showing off your playful smile.

Haiku Review – The Amazing Spiderman

Spinning through the air. A mystery and a death. Known, it made me smile.

100 Followers! – Thank You

Reading your kind words       / makes joy bubble up popping    / into a broad smile   I just got 100 followers! An amazing feat considering that I just joined in April. Thank you all. 😀 I really appreciate the amazing support I get here. It really makes my day to read your blogs and hear … Continue reading


Why does my heart catch Every time I catch sight of The smile in your eyes?

Just me and my cat

I smile at my cat. Does he think I bare my teeth? Bored, he licks his paw.

Hot pink

In her hot pink dress, It makes her smile when they say, “Woman, you so fly!”

Love’s sculptor

Love is a chisel, that in the hardest marble, can carve out a smile.