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a damp fall morning

Little drops of dew Landing on my exposed skin like tiny pinpricks

A thousand trumpets

A host of angels white cirrus clouds trumpeting autumn’s arrival

It’s not a ball!

This morning I saw Orion chasing the moon and it made me laugh!

Blue sea sky

The sky, a blue sea a lone star shines overhead before the sun rises.

Fall Light

The sun in late fall Sends sharp shafts through my window Setting dust aglow.

School kids on Halloween

Waiting in the dark horizon and bus are both jack-o-lantern orange

sun and silver

Sun-lit grass glows green a forest crossed by silver shining spiderwebs.    

The Orionids

Falling star flies by like a spear it impales the heart of Orion


  Waking to a world of grey I gasped to see fire surprised by the sun!

Yellow Venus

Hazy morning star Burning yellow in the sky behind clouds of ice