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Lunatics Teaser Trailer – Please reblog

Lunatics Teaser Trailer – Please reblog. The Lunatics series that I am writing with my husband will soon be ready for a kickstarter fundraiser campaign. Here is our teaser trailer which gives a glimpse of the Hard Science Fiction / Family angle that we are going for. You can support this project by reposting the … Continue reading

Sherlock song of the day

Haven’t got my thoughts together yet. Thought I’d post a link to the Sherlock song that I’m listening to right now. – R 🙂


I’m leaving my teaching job this month which will put my family back in the poverty mix, so my stay at home writer husband has launched a kickstarter campaign that will help us get by while he solves a problem with how to make a new high definition video format. Kickstarter campaigns are high drama. … Continue reading

Projects, writing, and disbelievers

So today someone asked me what I would be doing in the future. I told him that I would be writing and tried to explain open culture to him in a few minutes while in a school lunch room. He punched up something on his iphone and looked at me as if I was delusional. … Continue reading

Samarai X – a review

Some time ago, I wrote about Samurai X the OVA which is my absolute favorite anime movie. Feel the love. I wrote about it on the Anime Cafe site. This is a review for parents so it talks about whether it is appropriate for kids. For the most part it isn’t, but I love it. … Continue reading